Our Mission

The Society for Advancement of Education (SAE)
is a non-profit organization which uses education to empower
youth from disadvantaged communities in Israel to attain distinction in all their social,
educational, and leadership endeavors.

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After more than 50 years since its establishment, the Society for Advancement of Education is renewing its symbol of achievement [Read More..]

Touched by the Soul

The first of three days of workshops with poets and Israeli artists: Eli Eliyahu, Hava Pinchas Hacohen, Anat Levin, Elias Cohen, Iris Eliya-Cohen and Orit Gidali. [Read More..]


After eight years of hard work, the Gidonim Project of the Reut School has completed mapping the Jewish cemetery in Czestochowa, Poland, and returned to Israel with a great feeling of satisfaction! [Read More..]


Ulpanat Talya is a unique track for gifted and excelling religious girls from around the country. The Ulpana enables students to study for a bachelor’s degree during high school which they attend through “13th” grade. [Read More..]

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