The Mae Boyar High School

The Boyar school is unique within the Israeli landscape, advancing its students, who come from the entire country, towards creativity and innovation, and equipping them with tools for dealing with tomorrow’s challenges.

This is the school’s sixth decade. It is a place for students from across Israel to study together – a multi-colored human mosaic of students who aspire to use their talents fully and to develop as leading individuals in society.

Since Boyar’s establishment, the school has placed an emphasis on educating students in the values of justice, open-mindedness, and societal involvement, and acting as champions love and respect for mankind, love of the land, and acceptance of others. These values are an integral part of Boyar's focus on education towards scholastic excellence, love of knowledge, and broadening horizons.

The varied curriculum enables high-level study in the fields of science, humanities, and arts.
Innovation is fundamental part of the school’s mandate. Boyar believes in research and development and operates educational initiatives in the spirit of innovation, creativity, and excellence.

Students study through digital means: tablets, laptop computers, and projectors in the classrooms. Students and teachers work together to implement the principles of collaboration and teamwork, interdisciplinary connection, proactivity and initiative, as well as reflection and monitoring of educational, social, and emotional processes.

The school and its educational residence constitute a home for some 1,000 students, from grades 7–12, from throughout the country and from Jerusalem. Boyar’s graduates are partners in developing and building the country, and are involved in all aspects of life in Israel.

The school offers a varied curriculum that enables high-level theoretical and scientific studies, and a combination of them.

Exact sciences

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and programming, smart (exact) agriculture


English, Arabic, and Islamic culture


Literature, Jewish thought, history: Japanese and American studies, geography, cyber, Bible, law (for students from other schools as well)


Music, cinema, theater, and visual arts

In the junior-high school, along with core studies, the students are offered enrichment classes in Arabic, civics, physics, Jewish studies, and behavioral sciences.

Additionally, electives can be chosen from the following fields: theater, art, music, cinema, animation, fencing, movement, judo, yoga, sports groups, beit midrash, and maker studies.


Enrichment Programs:

Learning centers for mathematical excellence, for English enrichment, and for strengthening and deepening Hebrew and Arabic language skills

Niot Learning Center – Center for enrichment and for development of study skills

Unistream – Program for the development of business initiatives and technological knowledge together with leadership and social initiatives, in order to cultivate leaders who are committed to social change

Personal education – Mentoring; two teachers per class in the upper grades, in order to empower students and transform them into leaders and individuals who effect change, through practice, guidance, and personal support

Studio B – A program for 7th-grade students to guide them during their transition from elementary to high school and from childhood to adolescence. A multi-disciplinary study curriculum, including various arts (music, theater, art, animation, and movement), is built around one overarching subject from children’s literature that relates to the world of adolescents.

Maker studies – A workshop that enables groups of students to build and create solutions to problems of various types, using tools from different fields, such as 3D printing, robotics and carpentry.


Contribution to the Community:

All the students volunteer in the community in various fields. These include helping the needy, fundraising for societies, tutoring children, Good-Deeds Day, Magen David Adom (ambulance organization) and youth groups.


Meetings and encounters are held with inspiring alumni, students from the Himmelfarb religious school, the Bereaved Families Forum, with creators/artists and key figures in Israeli society.


  • Delegation to the U.S.A. – Participation in a basketball tournament in Baltimore with hosting by families from Jewish communities in Baltimore and New York
  • Student exchange to Germany – A delegation to Berlin and a delegation to Wiesentheid in Bavaria
  • Journey to Poland – a trip to strengthen the sense of national belonging and an affinity for Jewish history and heritage as well as assimilation of universal humanistic values

Leadership and Empowerment Workshops for Students:

  • Sharsheret (Chain) – Program for female empowerment
  • Lead – Program for developing leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Meet – Program for cultivating cooperation and shared language between Israeli and Palestinian high-school students, through work with technology and connections with the business world
  • Debate – A debate program to develop rhetorical and public speaking skills
  • Model U.N. – An international program geared to learning about the U.N.’s activities
  • Hila Bezaleli (a Boyar graduate) – Memorial Leadership Training Program

Address – 1 Torah V’Avodah St., Jerusalem
Telephone – 02-6420026, 02-6422696
Fax – 02-6439105
Public transportation – bus nos. 21, 24, 39,33 and the light rail