The Adva Program

The Adva Program

The Adva volunteer and collaboration program in youth villages resulted from recognizing the needs of the youth villages, and from a belief that volunteering is a beneficial experience with significant developmental impact on adolescents.

The program was established in response to a real need, and information was gathered through research and in-depth interviews that were held with the villages’ directors. The process of mapping in preparation for the program indicated that volunteerism is a meaningful value in youth villages. Staff directors and pedagogic staff consider volunteering to be a powerful tool for empowerment and social and community integration of youth, with an emphasis on developing life skills, values, and a positive personal social identity. This is combined with the great importance of creating strategic partnerships with civil society and the business sector.

Program Objectives:

*There will be ongoing research related to the program, beginning in the first half of 2018. .

Focus of Activities

On the personal level:

●Developing a positive personal social identity
●Expanding circles of influence
●Developing personal and social responsibility
●Expanding the repertoire of values
●Acquiring life skills

On the village level:

●Developing and budgeting for a new position in order to advance the field of volunteerism and partnerships in youth villages
●Developing, focusing, and implementing the field of volunteerism
●Developing innovative adapted models
●Creating learning and dialogue regarding volunteerism
●Recruiting and involving the village staff

On the community level:

●Deepening the relationship with the surrounding community
●Getting the community involved in the village
●Creating platforms for valuable, beneficial collaborations

Target Audience

Residential students at youth villages, from grades 8-12

For further information: Aya Doron, Director of the Adva Program 054-8171848