Shacharit – experimental high school in the spirit of HTH (high tech high)

Shaharit, a growing high school operated by the Society for the Advancement of Education, is the first national religious school in the country in the spirit of High Tech High, a model developed in San Diego, U.S.A., which encourages personal development and excellence, experiential and collaborative learning, personally adapted authentic work, and equal opportunities.

Shaharit is a meeting point that produces new ideas and creativity

It is a meeting between: beit midrash and innovative study methods; in-class study and experience in practical work; girls and boys; text books, exploration, and curiosity; Torah study and work; and school and real life.

It is a meeting born of curiosity and a meeting between the external and the internal

Invitation to a Journey

Shararit is an invitation to embark on a personal, multi-disciplinary study journey. It is an invitation to an educational experience that instills the value of personal responsibility to achieve individual personal and scholastic excellence while developing the abilities, talents, and involvement of students as 21st century citizens.

It is an invitation to an authentic educational encounter that enables development of a well-rounded Jewish identity in an innovative learning environment of experience and exploration.

Our spirit

The Shaharit High School is directed by its principal, Roni Hazon-Weiss, a respected Jerusalemite educator and social activist, with the collaboration of the Jerusalem Education Authority, the National Religious Education Authority, and the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem.

Address: 4 Eliezer HaGadol St., Gonenim neighborhood, Jerusalem