Schools and Residences

Our Schools and Residences

The school of the Society for Advancement of Education have taken upon themselves the commitment to help each student progress toward the best possible future in Israeli society.

The range of schools: Boyar High School, Midrashiat Amalia, Ulpanat Talya, Hachmey Lev Haredi Yeshiva High School, the pluralist high schools that integrate religious and secular students: Reut and Dror in Jerusalem and K.A.N. Kfar Adumim, express a broad spectrum of sectors of Israeli society founded on our belief that multiplicity is fruitful and inspires growth.

Out of loyalty to the founding principles of SAE, among them the commitment to make excellent education accessible to every young man and woman as they are, independent of their place of residence, their family’s socio-economic situation, or their ethnic background, in our schools we develop innovative programs adapted to the unique character of each school.

Alongside the commitment to academic and social excellence, in each of our schools we work to develop and emphasize the distinctive culture of the school, which we see as a value in itself.

We believe in creating connections between the different educational successes in our schools, which are different from one another and each unique in its own way as suited to the community it serves.

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Residential Campuses for Excellence

SAE operates six Residential Campuses for Excellence throughout the country intended for diverse populations of young men and women from the different educational streams:

  Boyer Residential Campus in Jerusalem
  Steinberg Residential Campus in Kfar Saba
  Ein Karmit Residential Campus in Ein Karem, Jerusalem
  Ort Residential Campus in Netanya
  Ulpanat Talya in Jerusalem
  Yeshivat Hachmey Lev in Jerusalem

Our Residential Campuses for Excellence provide warm educational, study and social frameworks and support young men and women from all parts of the country who come from diverse backgrounds. Students have in common the desire and motivation for study and development, academic and social abilities, and a feeling of responsibility and commitment to make a difference in their society and community.

Each Residential Campus operates unique social-educational programs, including educational frameworks that promote excellence and a wide variety of complementary activities and clubs, personally suited to each and every student.

The professional educational staff work day and night to assist all students to actualize their potential, guiding them in how to set goals and achieve them, and accompanying them on their journey to become contributing citizens who have a positive impact on Israeli society.

For more information contact: Student branch 02-644-1122