Strengthening Values of Diversity, Celebration of Difference and Pluralism

Gvanim at the Society for Advancement of Education

The “Gvanim” program (in cooperation with the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco) is intended to advance a pluralistic approach toward the different streams in Judaism. To date, more than sixty principals, educators and field staff of different organizations of the SAE have taken part in the program.

The program is a kind of journey, which includes meeting and getting to know people and world views; a journey during which participants go through a personal experience of clarifying their own identity and opening up to diverse Jewish world views.

The program is unique in the diversity that characterizes the participants and the program contents, the ways of addressing these topics (lectures, workshops, meetings, tours around the country led by professional facilitators and graduates of the program) and mainly in being a program that is action-oriented. Diversity, variety and multiplicity serve as sources of inspiration.

Graduates of the program have established a range of projects in the spirit of the program in their educational institutions, and thus are passing the torch forward.

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