Ulpanat Talya

Ulpanat Talya was established in 2009 by the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem, in order to provide a holistic response – educational, religious, ethical, and scholastic – to gifted and excelling girls.

Ulpanat Talya is part of the Amalia educational campus, established in 1970 by the Society for Advancement of Education, to constitute a live-in campus for religious girls.

The ulpana (“ulpana” is a high school for religious girls), which includes a residence, has educated dozens of graduates, with high-level abilities who can be found at work among top achievers in Israeli society.

Ulpanat Talya has two central study frameworks:

  1. An academic track enabling completion of a bachelor’s degree in one of two courses of study: a B.Sc. degree in computer science from the Lev Academic Center’s Tal campus, and a BA degree in a range of subjects through the Open University.
  2. A technological track, offering its graduates a technological matriculation certificate (in addition to a matriculation certificate of the highest level in theoretical studies), in 15-study-unit tracks in biotechnology and architecture.

The ulpana operates with the spirit of religious awe, and love and loyalty to the Torah and its commandments.
The ulpana’s educational activity is founded on relationships of trust, mutual respect, discourse, and collaboration between the students, and between students and staff.

The ulpana is directed by Hasi Priel, together with a professional and loving educational staff.
Alongside their complex and meaningful study, the girls experience a rich ulpana life, enabling them to develop their personality from a place of depth, openness, and thought.

The Educational Residence:

The educational residence is an important and central element of life at the ulpana, and the daily schedule centers around it.

The residence enables the girls to participate fully and create true friendships based on in-depth acquaintance. The residence offers girls from across the country the opportunity to study at the ulpana and realize their unique talents within our educational framework.

The residence is a second home for the girls, both on an existential level and in terms of emotional support.
During residence hours, a variety of activities on a range of subjects are offered, focusing on ethics, lifestyle, social experiences, and values-Torah enrichment.

Over the past three years, the residence has undergone a significant physical renovation to upgrade and modernize the living space to contemporary standards.

The residence is directed with great talent and love by Renana Tzviri, together with a staff of house mothers, social workers, a nurse, and counselors.


Telephone: 02-6499520

Email: talyamazkirut@gmail.com

Address: Amalia Educational Campus, 35 Heller St., Givat Mordechai, Jerusalem

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