The Jafra Program for Young Leadership in Arab Society

A Joint Project of the Society for the Advancement of Education and the Al-Amer Organization


As an established, stable educational organization, the Society for the Advancement of Education (SAE), Jerusalem, made a strategic decision to advance educational activities within the Arab community.

We have a sincere desire to actualize the principles of equality in general and equal opportunity in education specifically, and we see great importance of the principles of diversity and multi-culturalism, both within our institutions and in Israeli society in general.

We believe it is our highest ethical mission to arrest processes of racism and hatred that have developed in recent years and have decided to invest our resources to advancing these goals and objectives. The main goal is the advancement of leadership and excellence among Arab youth.

The Objective – Young Leadership

SAE chose to focus our activities among Arab youth at this stage, since this is a significant population that does not have sufficient programs to meet its needs, both in formal and informal education.

For this purpose, SAE joined the Al-Amer Organization and the Sakhnin municipality to operate a town program called “Jafra Alkiada [Jafra Leadership]” for developing leadership and excellence for high school graduates.

About the Al-Amer Organization

The Al-Amer Organization is a citizen’s social organization that was founded in 2004, with the goal of developing alternative, authentic, and independent young leadership and to help young people fulfill their potential through actualizing their freedoms.

The organization works toward a process of social change to establish a civil society based on dialogue that is democratic in character and structure. Several years ago, Al-Amer operated a leadership program called “Jafra Al-Amer” in the towns of Sakhnin and Tamra and it still operates a program for alumni of the cohorts of the program.

The organization was founded by Ms. Amira Musa, director of the community center in Abu Senan and a graduate of the Mandel Educational Leadership Institute, and she is currently the chair of the board of directors of the organization.

What is the Jafra Alkiada [Jafra Leadership] Program?


To Develop Young Arab Leadership with Awareness and Commitment to Making Change based on Arab Humanistic and Cultural Values


1. The graduate will build for him/herself an optimal picture of the future.
2. The graduate will develop personal identity and a feeling of belonging.
3. The graduate will take active personal and social responsibility.
4. The graduate will widen horizons, acquire personal skills, and build a basis and acquire diverse knowledge.

The three emphases of the activities are: knowledge, awareness, and initiative.

What Happens in the Program?

This program is intended to establish cohorts of Arab youth from one town with an option of including members from adjacent towns, who have completed high school and are in the year prior to university studies (Gap Year).

Each group includes 15-25 young people who meet twice a week, and go through an educational process with the goal of increasing their self-awareness and sense of belonging, and acquiring social and leadership skills, through social action, and preparation for studying in institutions of higher education.

In addition to the semi-weekly meetings, each group attends seminars and trips around the country during the program. The participants also gain experience in leading social projects and active volunteering in social and community organizations in their home town.

Jafra Leadership Program - Sakhnin

To begin the activities in Sakhnin, the two organizations created a partnership with the town which expressed its willingness and commitment to be an operative partner. The town even contributed financial and in-kind resources toward the success of the program.

The two organizations recruited Ms. Kifah Genayim as the Group Coordinator and Ms. Lina Hiadri as the Group Counselor.

The group began activities in October 2016, and will continue through July 2017. It meets regularly, twice per week. During the program year, three tours and two educational experiential seminars will take place in different locations around the country.

Members of the group receive guidance, knowledge and skills in a variety of areas such as public speaking, questions of identity, philosophy, sociology, formulating a vision, group work and challenges, tours, involvement in community life, mediation, familiarization with Israeli society, etc.

In additional to the skills, emphasis will be placed on scholastic achievement, preparation for improving matriculation and psychometric exams, preparation for university life, academic and professional guidance, visits to institutions of higher learning, etc. Participants also benefit from ongoing consultation with the counseling staff, and from guidance from a serious, mature, experienced mentor.

In future, they will benefit from ongoing guidance as students, individually and as a group – during their university studies, through the program for alumni.

What is Unique About the Program:

During the coming school year (2017-2018) – Four additional groups in the Jafra Leadership Program are scheduled to open.

Contact Information

Director of Strategic Development: Ariel Weisel,

Director of Projects in Arab Society: Ali Haider,