Shoshanim- Haredi High School for Girls

Shoshanim is the first four-year high school in Israel for Haredi girls focused on teaching sciences and providing the necessary education for optimum matriculation certificates, preparing girls to continue on to academic study and to be well-positioned to enter the labor market.

The school is a response to analysis of the situation of Haredi women and girls and the Haredi educational system, which shows these central needs:

• Studies relevant to the labor market – only 10% of Haredi women have a profession with an academic degree. Graduates of Haredi seminaries integrate into the work force in high percentages, but suffer from marginalization in the workforce, low incomes, and lack of employment mobility. They have difficulty raising their families out of poverty and suffer from burnout. To be successful, Shoshanim must offer high level studies in English and STEM subjects and impart knowledge relevant to the labor market.

• Personal Development through Expressive Arts – Art is an essential human need and channel of personal development, especially during the years of identity formation. In the current situation in Haredi education there is a disregard and sometimes alienation from these values. Adaptation to the ever-changing world requires a strong sense of self, that can be developed through personal involvement in the worlds of art and aesthetics.

The three pillars of the school are Science, Personal Development and Judaism, all at the highest level. The school cultivates the academic abilities of each student, alongside an emphasis on each student’s unique talents, and educates for communal and social involvement.

Shoshanim, opening in September 2018, is located in Har Nof neighborhood in Jerusalem and will add one grade level each year until it reaches full capacity. The school is operated by the Society for Advancement of Education in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Education.


  1. Establish a school that creates conditions in which students can strengthen and cultivate their personal and religious identity with commitment to orthodox Halacha as a clear boundary and educational framework.
  2. Provide a systematic, pedagogic response in a respectful climate that fosters dialogue and deep clarification of the values of Judaism alongside attention to and responsiveness to the needs of every student.
  3. Prepare girls for full matriculation exams, including advanced STEM studies. The matriculation certificate will meet the criteria of institutions of high learning and prepare girls for success in all fields of their choice.
  4. Provide personal development through an arts curriculum that offers opportunities for self-expression, intellectual and creative development.

School Staff:

Founding Principal: Ms. Vered Bachar, who has a background in education and management of educational initiatives of the Wolfson Foundation, graduated from the "Aman" Center for Plastic Arts for the Haredi community. Vered holds a BA in Social Sciences and holds two degrees in Management and Conflict Resolution and Sociology. She is also a graduate of the Mandel Leadership Institute.

The school staff includes teachers and professional teachers with senior education and seniority in the field of teaching who are committed to the proposed world view. The management and the teaching staff will be responsible for nurturing the educational environment and creating a pleasant and attentive environment for girls, and serve as a personal example of "Action speaks louder than words".

Contact us:

Vered Bachar: 0525610137 email:

Shevi Potach: Pedagogical coordinator:0525344324