“I Have an Address” – Support Program for Graduates of Youth Villages and Dormitories

The “I Have an Address” program is an initiative of the Ministry of Education’s Residential Care Division, operated in professional collaboration with JDC Israel-Ashalim and the Society for Advancement of Education. SAE joined the program in April 2017 as an operating partner dealing with professional development. The program strives to continue the Ministry of Education’s commitment to and responsibility for advancing the development of youth-village and residential graduates, in order to enable them to integrate into Israeli society as leading, involved, and caring citizens, who will go on to higher education.

The graduates’ program creates a holistic framework through developing the profession of graduate coordinators at youth villages and residences, who work towards maintaining an ongoing educational continuum from ages 16 through 26.

The graduate coordinator will work primarily during three important life transitions:

•Leaving the residence
•Entering and throughout IDF or national service
•Entering civilian life

Throughout the entire period, the coordinators will supply the graduates with information, clarifying their rights and the resources available to them, as well as assisting them personally in coping and reducing barriers. All this will be accomplished through a personal support program.

Realizing this vision will be done through determining clear goals and objectives, ongoing communication with the graduates, and development of professional knowledge that will serve the coordinators in their work.