Eitan Moran - General Director

Eitan Moran has served as the General Director of the Society for Advancement of Education since graduating from the prestigious Mandel School for Educational Leadership in 2008. Eitan has a great deal of experience in management, education and in his contributions to society.

Eitan is a founder of the Nadav Merhav Democratic School in Modi’in, which he helped establish in 1999. He holds an MA in Management and Public Policy from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, and a BA cum laude in Sociology and Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Eitan is a recent graduate of the Tavistok Institute of Human Relations - a non profit organization that deals with organizational research and development and applies approaches and concepts from the social sciences in order to create innovative, effective methods for dealing with core subjects and current issues.


Acct. Shelly Alboim - CFO

Shelly was certified as an accountant by the Israeli Accountants’ Bureau in 2004.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting, and an MBA with a specialization in accounting from the College of Management.

She is a graduate of the Technion’s external education course in management and development of human resources, as well as a course in mediation from Tel Aviv University’s Institute of Legal Arts.

She has served as a senior manager for PwC Israel, as well as deputy CFO for a number of large Israeli NPOs in the fields of culture, art, health, and education.

Planning and Integration:

Yael AbermanTaubin - Deputy Director, Planning and Integration

Yael has experience managing and initiating change in the public, third, and private sectors. In her last job, she served as executive director of the Yehuda Regional Council.

In the past, Yael managed the town in which she lives – Ma’ale Hakhamisha, served as project director at Ness Technologies, and as program director at JDC Israel (the Joint).

Yael has a master’s degree in political science and a bachelor’s degree in business administration and Jewish thought.

Partnerships: Voices and Media :

Tali Yohananof - Director of Partnership Development

Tali holds an MA in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of the Bar Ilan University School of Social Work two-year program for Group Facilitation.

Tali is experienced in social and educational project management in conjunction with the Ministry of Welfare, Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, municipalities, JDC Israel, Israel Prison Service and the Prison Rehabilitation Authority, among others.

She was a partner in the management and establishment of the support and treatment arrangements for immigrant students and students of Ethiopian origin at the SAE, as the organization’s program and project manager.

Ali Hayder - Director of Projects and Initiatives

Ali holds BA and MA degrees in Law from Bar-Ilan University and an MA in Political Science from Haifa University.

Ali was the Co-Executive Director of the “Sikkuy” association for the advancement of civic equality between Arab and Jewish citizens from 2004-2013. Previously, he worked as an attorney for several organizations for human and civil rights and is an active and founding member of a number of civil society organizations such as the Arab Education Council, Adalah, I’lam and the Van Leer Institute Center for Social Justice, among others.

For the last two years Ali has been a member of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership of Jerusalem.

Rabbi Bezalel Cohen - Head of the Hachmey Lev Yeshiva

Rabbi Bezalel Cohen is a Haredi graduate of the Lithuanian Yeshiva system, including Kol Torah, Ponevezh and Mir, and holds a B.Ed. Between 2003-2010 Cohen worked for JDC-Tevet’s employment initiative, advancing Haredi enrollment in the Israeli workforce, academic studies and military service, and at the same time took part in the foundation of the KEMACH Agency, which provides assistance to ultra orthodox students of academic and vocational institutions.

He also worked for the Friedberg Foundation, on enrolling Haredim in academia; and for SHACHAR, enrolling Haredi technicians in the Israeli Air Force.

He is an outspoken and widely published social activist who has written policy papers for the Floersheimer Institute for Israel Studies in Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, and The Israel Democracy Institute.

He was a regular contributor to the periodical journal “Eretz Acheret,” and published many articles and posts on ultra orthodox forums, as well as on his own blog “Betoch Ami”. Between 2010-2012 he was a member of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership and thereafter started working for the Society for Advancement of Education to found the Hachmey Lev Yeshiva - a high school yeshiva for mainstream ultra-orthodox boys seeking to excel in religiosity, biblical studies and all fields of knowledge, leading to a high-quality matriculation certificate and is currently head of the Yeshiva.

Yael Boim-Fein - Founding Director for the Israeli Institution for Gender Equity in Education

Yael is an educational entrepreneur and a specialist in the fields of gender and education. She is an executive member of the international Gender and Education Association (GEA) and a member of the research lab for feminist theory at the Van Leer Institute.

She founded and directed the education department at Beit Avi Chai, and has an academic background in Media and Culture studies, Gender studies and Pluralistic Education.

Yael is a graduate of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership and the American State Department’s Leadership Program.

Limor Bar-Natan - Marketing manager

Limor has over a decade of experience as a communication consultant, as well as content management, writing and editing. She was responsible for communication management of many companies and organizations, was Chief Editor of professional magazines, managed internal communications for various organizations and was also a journalist. Prior to her communication related business, she worked for Bezeq International in various positions: marketing, account management and business customer service.

Limor holds an MBA from the University of Derby and BA in Hebrew and English Literature from Tel Aviv University.

Pedagogical Development:

Michal Shavit - Director of Education Development

Michal is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an MA in History and a BA in History and Education. Prior to taking her post at SAE, Michal was Principal of HaYovel Junior High School in Mevasseret Zion and served as Deputy Principal of the Hebrew University High School.

Michal is a graduate of the Mandel Institute for Educational Leadership in Jerusalem.

Eden Israeli - Learning Disabilities Coordinator and Director of “Hidden Sparks”

Eden has over 20 years of experience treating and teaching students with learning disabilities, was a district supervisor for the Ministry of Education and a specialist in treatment of behavioral problems. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Special Education from the Hebrew University, and was certified at Bar Ilan University to conduct didactic evaluations and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Eden Israeli is responsible for establishing and operating the Niot Project, a new SAE division for treating youth with learning disabilities. Eden is director of the “Hidden Sparks” program at SAE and serves as a coach for a number of schools.

Resources Development:

Anat Tagner-Abramovich - VP, Resource Development

Anat has a BA in Media Studies & Business Administration from the College of Management, Academic Studies, Tel Aviv and a MA in Media Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Graduate of a directors course for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Anat is responsible for the formation and execution of fundraising strategies both in Israel and abroad. This includes working with SAE board members, lay leaders and professional staff in communicating the organization’s many successes, challenges and innovations to a growing community of funders.

Anat has a vast experience in resource development and community affairs in non-profits.

Community Relations:

Limor Levi - Director of Community Relations

Limor has a master’s degree in public management and local government, and a bachelor’s degree in political science, both from Bar-Ilan University.

Prior to her position at the SAE, she was deputy director of the “Israeli Trauma Coalition,” deputy director of the NPO “Mifalot: Sport for Education, Development and Peace,” and director of the society and culture section of the Immigrant Students Authority, Tel Aviv and Central Region.

Limor has a great deal of experience in developing collaborations and resources, as well as with work in international arenas and export of social knowledge.

Human Resources:

Chani Litmanovitch- Director of Human Resources

Chani has over a decade of experience in various human resources fields.

Worked in HR, organizational development and learning management positions at Teva Pharmaceuticals and Bank of Israel. Specialized as an organizational consultant at Clalit Health Services.

In her role at SAE, Chani manages human capital aspects and supports organizational changes and development processes.

Chani is a Certified mediator; Has an M.B.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in organizational behavior and human resources management. Graduated her bachelor’s degree in psychology and communications with distinction at the Hebrew University.

Student Absorption:

Racheli Abiczar - Director of Private Matters

Holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from the Hebrew University. Family and couples’ therapist, dyad, and parenting teacher.

Certified as a couples’ and family therapist from the Magid Institute, CPP from Haruv, DBT from the Ofek Institute, and AEDP from the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. Prior to her position at the SAE, Racheli directed a cluster of therapeutic foster homes at the “Or Shalom” NPO, as well as a national pilot project for prevention of removing toddlers from their homes, operated by JDC Israel – Ashalim and the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services.

She teaches practicums for groups of social workers for the Central School of Social Work, and operates a private clinic.

Liat Hazan - Advancing to Academia

Liat graduated with a BA from the Interdisciplinary Department of Social Sciences, Bar-Ilan University. She is an experienced youth advisor for National-Civil Service.

Since 2008, she has been responsible for the Advancing to Academia project, a program that provides applicants with the opportunity for admissions through affirmative action, based on each applicant’s personal background and difficulties they experienced in high school.

Liat is responsible for the processes of determining a score, from the first stage of receiving the application at the Society for Advancement of Education up until the final decision, and maintains contact with representatives of the various higher education institutions from the different universities.

Student Absorption:

Rubi Falach - Assets and Contacts Manager

Rubi holds an MBA from the University of Beer Sheva and BA in Educational Administration and Israel Studies from Bar-Ilan University. In addition, he has specialized in professional management courses, group guidance and marketing.

Prior to his joining The Society for Advancement of Education, he was CEO of The Dolev Houses for Youth for 19 years. Earlier, he was marketing manager for construction companies and chairperson of the student union at Bar Ilan University.

Adv. Shani Rabin Yadid - Coordinator of Communications and Operations

Shani has a bachelor’s degree in law, and a lawyer’s license.

She has worked at two leading law offices, and is experienced in the areas of contracts and tenders, as well as in consulting, monitoring, and representation.