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The Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE), established in 1962, is a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging social and educational gaps in Israel while cultivating educational, social, and moral excellence among youth.

The SAE recognizes that each student is unique in their own way, and therefore addresses each student’s needs by initiating, developing, and utilizing the best-suited educational and personal responses for youth at schools, residential campuses, and educational programs.

These are intended to create opportunities for excellence and to maximize and realize the educational and moral potential of each student, enabling them to integrate into an academic environment and move on to a fulfilling career, including public leadership positions.

The SAE continually works towards excellence at the personal, institutional, and organizational levels: excellence in cultivating personal and teamwork skills, excellence in building sophisticated organizational structures, excellence in preparing and developing educational teams.

The SAE has established and/or operates 18 educational institutions – in Jerusalem, Kefar Adumim, Kefar Saba, Netanya, Givat Haviva, and Ein Gedi. Additionally, the SAE manages innovative pedagogic programs and operates national and international aliyah and absorption projects.

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Talented students register each year for our schools and residential campuses


Young people are accepted to universities around the country on the basis of affirmative action


Immigrant students receive academic and emotional support and assistance


Young people’s lives change every day


What is important to us?

We believe that each student is unique in his or her own way and therefore we initiate, develop and operate personalized educational responses, adapted for the youth at the various day schools, residential campuses and other educational programs.

These are intended to create opportunities for excellence and to maximize and develop the educational and moral potential of the students, so they can integrate into the academic environment and find their place among the chief roles and public leadership positions at the center of Israeli society.

The aim for innovation and excellence is embedded in all our activities, at the personal, institutional and organizational levels. Excellence is expressed in cultivating personal and teamwork skills, in striving to create improved organizational structures, and in training and cultivating the educational teams.

In all our institutions and programs, we aim to establish and pass on social, humanistic, democratic, Zionist and pluralistic values, that encourage respect for others and celebrate diversity.

Here everyone is entitled to quality education and everyone belongs.

About Us
About Us
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About Us

Our Schools and Residences 

Among our educational institutions are: a Haredi Yeshiva (Hachmey Lev), an Ulpana for girls (Talya), schools that integrate different streams (ReutK.A.N. Combined High SchoolDror), academic high schools (Boyar), residential campuses for excellence of different kinds (Ein KarmitSteinbergBoyarOrt Netanya), Haredi High School for Girls (Shoshanim), national secular educational track for girls (Inbar) and an Arab Youth Village for Young Leadership (Sindiana).

We promote students who deserve promotion, support student immigrants (Matefet), youth immigrants (Na'aleh) and students with learning differences (Hidden SparksNiot Learning Centers).