Ort Netanya Residential Educational Campus

ORT Netanya Residential Educational Campus – Educational Institute and Sports Academy

The ORT Netanya Residential Educational Campus was founded in 1968 by the Society for Advancement of Education in Jerusalem and ORT Israel. The boarding school is in the heart of the green, spacious ORT Yad Levovich Educational Village in Netanya.

At the ORT Netanya Residential Educational Campus, we see each student as a whole world in themselves and believe that personal accompaniment and support is the key to strengthening feelings of personal capability and aspirations for excellence.

The school encourages students to participate in different fields of sport and offers professional tools in a flexible environment adapted to each child. The atmosphere is family-like, warm and pleasant, and the students are accompanied by a professional, dedicated counseling staff who provide personal attention to every student.

Studies at the ORT Yad Levovich Educational Village

The six-year ORT Yad Levovich high school, where students from the residential campus study, has as its mission leadership development and social entrepreneurship. The school advances academic and social excellence together, while placing emphasis on advancing and fostering creative and critical thinking.

The students enjoy a wide variety of study tracks and classes: classes in leadership, science, engineering, and hi tech studies in software engineering and communications systems, sports tracks, Arabic and Spanish language tracks as well as different opportunities for study of the arts. Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, a special track was opened in cooperation with the elite 8200 intelligence unit.

Graduates of the track are able to advance to roles in intelligence and to integrate into an IDF degree program in Middle Eastern studies.

The professional, dedicated teaching faculty provides the knowledge and education, through meaningful learning, integrating advanced educational information and communications technology.

The ORT Netanya Residential Educational Campus aims to actualize the educational potential of every student. At the residential school, educational assistance is offered to every student through extra lessons that are given privately and in small groups at the learning center.

There is full cooperation between the residential facility and the school, and each student has their own individually designed educational plan.

Sports Academy

The academy is designed for sports lovers and those with athletic ability to actualize their potential in parallel with academic excellence.

The academic framework offers diverse fields of study including: soccer, basketball, track and field athletics, tennis and shooting.

The soccer program has two tracks – in cooperation with Beitar Nes Tubruk Netanya led by Shlomo Scharf, and in cooperation with Maccabi Netanya led by Benny Lam.

The athletic director is Alex Averbukh – three-time European Athletic champion, silver medalist who represented Israel in the pole vault at three Olympic games.

The training conditions are optimal and include a fully equipped new gymnasium, a state of the art athletic stadium that includes a running track, and a high-jump field with high-quality Rekortan surface, a long-jump track, shot put and more.

In the center of the stadium is a new mini-football field.

A select group of professional trainers accompanies the students in daily routines and designs the professional training program.

Among the trainers are: Irina Lenskiy – Head trainer, Olympic sportswoman, Israeli record holder in track and field athletics, represented Israel in six world championships. Zohar Zimro – long and mid-distance running coach, Olympic sportsman, Israeli champion, represented Israel in world championships in Europe.

Alongside the training, there is an inclusive professional support program with support from a sports psychologist, a nutritional program suited to athletes led by a certified dietician, and physical therapy treatment.

Enrichment Activities on Campus

The ORT Netanya Residential Educational Campus features daily afterschool activities and a variety of unique enrichment programs: Ziv Neurim (“radiance of youth”) Maritime Challenge Activities – experiential maritime challenge activities that offer the opportunity to actualize personal potential while acquiring life skills, empowerment and leadership capabilities; activities such as theater, guitar, piano, singing and voice lessons.

The students have use of a fully-equipped exercise room with professional staff support. In addition, students from the campus are involved in volunteering, enjoy special Shabbat activities on Friday nights and Saturdays, take part in special days and cultural evenings, and contribute to creating a unique community.

Education in this beautiful setting and the feeling of togetherness among the students and staff of the campus lead to group pride and a feeling of belonging to the place.


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