Re’ut High School

Re’ut is a six-year, national secular high school emphasizing the value of tolerance, with its doors open to students from the entire religious spectrum – orthodox, traditional, and secular.

About us

At Re’ut, everybody learns. Religious students, secular and traditional ones, who integrate beautifully and feel at home just as they are, just as you are.

At Re’ut, we’ve created a true home, in which secular and religious individuals connect and are attuned to one another in in-depth, sensitive discourse.

Jewish culture and its humanistic values are a central part of the curriculum and social undertakings. The heart of the school is the Beit Midrash for Social Leadership.

Our pedagogic staff comprises, first and foremost, professional and humane individuals of the highest order. We are most fortunate to have dedicated and loving teachers, who chose Re’ut due to its educational vision of connecting disparate aspects of Israeli society by providing a personal, ethical, and academic response. A staff that places an empowering magnifying glass on each and every person.

At Re’ut, each student is an entire world. The personal relationship between students and staff members is the school’s guiding principle, as we believe that meaningful learning grows from this connection. Each student receives a response and develops their strong points optimally.

A Personal Track to Success in the Junior High School (new!)

Each seventh-grade student can choose between a number of tracks, in order to enable them to develop and deepen their strengths and preferences as early as junior-high school:

  • Scientific Excellence Track – Accelerated study in physics and computer subjects
  • Humanistic Track – Broad study of humanities, philosophy, and Jewish thought
  • Social Activism Track – Developing thinking and social critique skills, and encouragement of working towards social change
  • Additional enrichment tracks for seventh–ninth grade students:
  • Art, theater, film, Amirim (program for excelling students), soccer/basketball
  • Eighth- and ninth-grade students study oral Torah within a beit midrash framework in chavruta (partner) study.
  • Beginning in ninth grade, students participate in higher-education and young entrepreneur programs.

Striving for Academic Excellence in High School

At Re’ut, we educate towards developing broad knowledge, critical thinking, curiosity, and striving for excellence, such that each student will be able to fully realize their academic abilities, and as preparation for 21st-century challenges.

The school has a wide variety of study tracks toward five-point matriculation:

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer science (multi-regional)
  • Literature
  • Geography
  • Theater
  • Film
  • Social sciences (psychology and sociology)

Social Activism in Practice

The value of social endeavors is part of our DNA, and we initiate and operate projects in which students contribute to the community and become leaders of social change from a basis of understanding and identification, both within the school and beyond its walls, for example:

Social Restaurant – A unique initiative in which hot meals are supplied to the needy, including Holocaust survivors, children, and people requiring nursing care, operated by the school’s students.

Window to Equality – An initiative for advancing accessibility, in which students go out to urban spaces and businesses and, together with their owners, improve accessibility.

Seniors’ Class – A class of senior citizens studies at the school on an ongoing basis. Their studies comprise a variety of courses taught by the school’s teachers, as well as educational field trips. The class also participates in conferences and school activities, together with the rest of the students.

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