INBAR, a school for girls from grades 7-12

Welcome to INBAR, a school for girls from grades 7-12

(Currently, an educational track)

Inbar strives to be an outstanding educational framework, with the objective of enabling girls to reach their full potential, to succeed and excel academically, socially and morally. As a national secular educational track, Inbar provides students with an equal opportunity to develop and grow into significant and influential women, who freely choose their path, express their opinions clearly, and are leaders for themselves and their surroundings.

The Educational Environment:

The educational environment encourages the students to try out new challenges, to dare to break through personal boundaries, and to have their authentic voice heard in various aspects of their lives.

The girls will receive personal support in order to develop their unique abilities, and to clarify their personal desires. Within this special environment, the students will fill leading roles in all areas, not only in the areas dictated by accepted gender norms.

Through this autonomous environment and an educational curriculum that encourages multi-disciplinary excellence, Inbar works towards nurturing the next generation of female leaders, scientists, researchers, artists, and activists in Israeli society.

Educational Curriculum:

Inbar’s educational vision translates into a pedagogic approach in which gender concepts are used as an educational tool, expressed in all aspects of the school’s activities, obvious and hidden, formal and informal.

The gender-based pedagogic approach will be based upon teaching and learning practices that will lead the girls to successfully deal with gender-based obstacles, and to grow and develop optimally in a mixed world.

Examples of these practices include: a daily expressive movement class, intensive science classes, and a personal support program for each student.

Our Community:

Inbar strives to create a social community comprised of girls, teachers, and families, who see education as a means of social change.

In our approach, friendship, support and partnership are the key to self-confidence, courage, high achievement, and formulating objectives for a full and significant life.

For whom is Inbar suitable?

Inbar is targeting girls in 7th and 10th grade, who are interested in personal development and social involvement, who have the spark of leadership, and who are willing to commit to a challenging educational curriculum.

The track will open within the framework of an extant school, as a separate track, for the 2019-2020 school year.


1Why only girls?
  • Women and girls will fill all the roles, and will lead in all subjects and fields.
  • Neutralization of the increased gender identification characteristic of mixed society during adolescence, which strengthens gender stereotypes
  • Educational environment focused on learning and nurturing of personal ability through encouraging exposure to and experience with new fields
  • Sisterhood as an important source of empowerment.
2How will the school prepare the girls optimally for a world comprising women and men?

Inbar’s approach is that separation is temporary, and that its purpose is not to isolate the girls from boys, but rather to provide them with a place “free of internal and external background noise,” that will enable them to make proper choices and clarify issues for themselves.

Research indicates that learning in a single-sex school has no effect on ability to be in a relationship, on the contrary. When these young women go through a process of self-clarification and developing awareness and identity, they will arrive at any future situation in which they meet the opposite sex equipped with confidence, knowledge and precision regarding their desires, and with the ability to clearly state their opinions and feelings.

Additionally, the school will create mixed learning environments for girls and boys, and will encourage them to take part in mixed informal educational activities.

3Has the single-sex school model for girls been successful in other countries?

In recent years, an increasing number of these schools have opened in the world, both public and private schools. The graduates of these schools report that they were challenged towards high achievement, which later was expressed in their choice of academic and professional path, more than their friends in mixed schools.

They expressed higher aspirations and greater motivation to succeed in the future. These students tended to be more involved in activities that prepared them for life following school.

They report that they feel more confident expressing and exchanging opinions, since they learned in an environment that promoted this. Graduates of single sex schools were more interested in the fields of engineering, and had more confidence in mathematics and technology.

Additionally, it turns out that graduates of these schools were more likely to participate in college and university activities that are not necessarily related to studies, and had a higher tendency to become politically involved later on.

The graduates reported greater confidence in going about their daily lives, due to significant understanding of themselves and their desires. They claim that the school environment enabled them to find their voices, to learn to express themselves, and to know how to choose what is appropriate for them.

An example from GALS - a public school for girls in the USA.:
4What do the graduates of girls’ schools around the world tell us?
  • The graduates say that they were challenged to focus upon achievement, and that this expressed itself in their choice of academic and professional path more so than with their friends from mixed schools.
  • The graduates are more determined and motivated to succeed in the future
  • The graduates have a greater sense of academic and intellectual self-worth, and the ability to write and speak before an audience.
  • The graduates are interested in the fields of engineering, and have greater confidence in mathematics and computers
  • The graduates have a greater tendency to participate in college and university activities that are not necessarily related to their studies, and tend to be more politically involved further along in their lives.

Reactions to the school model:

Prof. Rivka Carmi,

President of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev:

I agree that there is a need to establish an excellent, exclusive framework that will offer girls the opportunity to develop their complete potential. I expect the school to encourage girls to go beyond comfort zones and societal norms, and to provide them with the tools necessary to integrate into the future job market and society in general – in influential, decision-making positions.

Bella Abrahams,

Director of Corporate Affairs, Intel Israel:

As many years of programs did not produce results, I believe that it is worthwhile to establish a school such as Inbar. A completely new experiment/pilot has the ability to change our social map. From my short acquaintance with the core staff, I believe that a pluralistic school will be established, that will ensure that its girls will not be socially isolated, and will take on the challenges that true life in a heterogeneous society presents to them.

Dr. Galit Desheh, lecturer,

previously General Director of the Women’s Network:

The developing discourse is extremely innovative, and should not be seen as supporting gender separation. On the contrary, it is a model that expands possibilities.

Father of adolescent girls, who is interested in Inbar:

I want my daughter to learn in an environment where she won’t always need to wonder whether her behavior is “acceptable” or “unacceptable” to her friends and teachers just because she is a girl. I am looking for a situation in which her role models will be primarily women who succeeded in the real world (not because male role models are negative, but because modeling by successful women is closer to her). I don’t want my daughter will be measured according to how nice she is, and I don’t want people to give in to her just because she’s a girl. I want my daughter to deal with and demand challenges, exactly as is demanded of boys her age.

Hadas - Founding Initiator: 054-6448811

Miryam - Principal: 050-6819053