INBAR – Educational Track For Girls Grades 7–12

Inbar is an innovative educational track whose purpose is to advance girls to realize their full potential, to succeed, and to excel academically, ethically, and socially.

As a national secular track, Inbar seeks to create a space that will provide the students with an equal opportunity to develop and grow into significant women of influence, who express their opinions clearly and lead themselves with confidence in their abilities.

Inbar strives to establish a community of students, educational staff members, and families, who see education as a means of creating social change, and which develops social sensitivity and solidarity among its members.

We believe that friendship, support, and partnership are the key to self-confidence, courage, educational achievement, and setting goals for a full and meaningful life.

Educational Vision

Inbar’s educational vision is translated into a pedagogic approach in which gender-based thinking serves as an educational tool expressed in all aspects of the school, revealed and hidden, formal and informal.

Gender-Based Pedagogic Approach

Inbar’s gender-based pedagogy is based on innovative teaching practices and learning, with proven success in models and research throughout the world.

Its objective is to lead the students to successfully cope with gender-based obstacles and realize themselves in the world optimally. The Inbar model is built on pedagogic principles translated into unique practices:

- Physical intelligence
- Sisterhood
- Leadership
- Gender lens
- Knowledge and knowledge communities
- Innovation

Educational Curriculum

Inbar’s educational curriculum is based upon exposure to a variety of humanity’s creative fields: technology, art, science and humanities, with an emphasis upon developing creative and critical thinking and learning from within the world of current affairs and action.

The curriculum encourages students to explore their cultural roots and to familiarize themselves with their culture as a source of strengthening their personal and social identity.

Inbar has unique programs in a variety of subjects. These include: the “Houses” program for mentoring and personal support, the innovative Makers program, an annual martial arts program and Students Teaching Students program.

Educational Environment

The educational environment encourages students to face new challenges, to dare to go beyond the limits of their personal abilities and to make their authentic voice heard in various areas of their lives.

Within the unique learning environment, the students fill leading roles in all fields, not solely in the areas accepted by gender norms.

Through an authentic space and an educational curriculum that advances multi-disciplinary excellence, Inbar is working towards cultivating a generation of graduates who act and influence in a variety of areas within Israeli society.

The Inbar Track is Suitable for…

Mature girls in sixth–eighth grades who are interested in personal development, social involvement, who have the spark of leadership and are prepared to commit to a challenging study curriculum.

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