Racism Awareness

Racism Awareness ("Eranut Legizanut") – Work/Study group for teachers, on the topic of racism, accepting differences and taking responsibility.

The Racism Awareness program is intended to help cope with issues of difference and lack of acceptance of others among youth. Accepting the other, pluralism, advancement of youth from the social and geographical periphery without regard for ethnic origins, and preventing racism are among our core principles. SAE sees itself as a leader with an unequivocal educational and social message on this topic.

In all of the institutions of the Society, there are regular ways of dealing with the question of treatment of the other, accepting differences and dealing with expressions of racism that come up from time to time. But is our awareness of the issue, as an educational organization, focused sharply enough? Do our educational teams have the tools to deal with the concrete phenomena when they arise? Are they themselves aware of their own prejudices?

The Racism Awareness program is intended to develop awareness and ability to cope with these phenomena, through training of educational teams from the SAE institutions.

The joint process of study and work is a basis and first step toward the broad educational activities we seek to establish on an ongoing basis in our institutions, among the staff and among the students, to curb the phenomenon of racism and negation of the other – and through our graduates, to also impact Israeli society as a whole.

Participants in the program are representatives of the different SAE institutions. Through workshops including peer learning, reflection and professional facilitation, they develop tools for implementation and embedding these values in their institutions.