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May 27, 2021
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May 27, 2021

SAE Announces opening of Israel’s First Youth Village for Sustainability and Social Responsibility

The Society for Advancement of Education (SAE) has announced plans to open the first High School for Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Israel this coming fall.

The village, to be located on SAE’s Steinberg Educational Campus in Kfar Saba, will include a high school, residence and an advanced urban farm, constituting a green space in the heart of the city.

The high school will operate in conjunction with the Steinberg Educational Residence, which was established in 1967 and has built a reputation for academic and social excellence, and instilling exemplary values.

The school will combine a high-quality academic education with emphasis on social and civic involvement, while assisting students in developing standpoints, moral perceptions, and a cohesive and committed personal identity.

The goal is an in-depth educational process that will equip the future generation to lead environmental and social processes for the good of the world, and societies based increasingly on goodness and justice.

Mumik Nevo, a respected educator, will be principal of the High School for Sustainability and Social Responsibility. He is the former director of the Israel Scouts’ Garin Tzabar, a program for young Jewish adults who make Aliyah and wish to participate in meaningful service in the IDF as lone soldiers.

He has also served as an advisor to the Mayor of Jerusalem for youth and communities, and as a teacher at SAE’s Mae Boyar High School in Jerusalem and at the Heschel School in Manhattan, New York.

Mumik holds a BA in psychology and philosophy from Bar-Ilan University and a master’s degree in conflict management from Bar-Ilan University. He will partner with Gali Hakim, who has been director of the Steinberg Educational Residence for the past six years.