Reimagining Education in Israel

Education 3.0 – Innovation and Challenges in Israeli Education
November 17, 2019
Sustainability, Social Responsibility & Excellence
May 27, 2021

Welcome to the AFK 2021 Virtual Spring Gala

“Reimagining Education in Israel” is the theme of the American Friends of Kidum (AFK) Virtual Spring Gala on Sunday, April 11, 2021.

The event is designed to provide a current look at the innovative solutions the Society for Advancement of Education (SAE) is developing to meet the academic and social needs of teenagers from all segments of Israeli society.

“Like everywhere in the world, the pandemic has been an enormous challenge for our schools in Israel,” said AFK Executive Director Jerry Isaak-Shapiro, “but at the same time, it offers a powerful demonstration of the resilience of our students and the creativity of our teachers. This Virtual Gala is a wonderful opportunity to engage with our many supporters throughout the U.S. and to share the SAE story.”

Students and teachers will talk about SAE’s creative approaches to learning in the time of COVID-19; they will spotlight the new schools that SAE has recently established to meet the needs of secular, orthodox, Haredi and Israeli Arab students; and they will announce plans for two new high schools to meet the evolving educational needs of Israel and worldwide Jewry.

Internationally renowned Israeli singer-songwriter Noa (Achinoam Nini) (Noa) and Gil Dor will close out the Virtual Gala with a special musical performance. Noa is a graduate of SAE’s Mae Boyar High School and Residence in Jerusalem.

Rae Ringel, AFK Board Member and President of the Ringel Group will be the mistress of ceremonies throughout the fast-paced 45-minute event.

AFK will also recognize many significant donors from the United States who have contributed to the success of the SAE since its founding inspired by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion in 1962.