Maayan’s Path – In Memory of Maayan Barhum z”l

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July 27, 2018
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On April 26, 2018, ten youth – nine girls and one boy – were killed in a flash flood in Nahal Tzafit. All were 12th-grade students, planning to study at the Bnei Tzion Pre-Military Academy. Maayan Barhum, a student of the Boyar School’s 51st cohort, was one of them. Her classmates would like to honor her memory with a unique initiative that suits her perfectly.

They write:

“In order that Maayan not be forgotten, and as part of our attempt to cope with her loss, we, the students of the 51st cohort, have decided to commemorate her with two initiatives that reflect Maayan and her world.
We will lead, plan, and work in order to make them happen. However, we also need your help in order to realize them by the end of the summer, before we begin our IDF or civil/national service, our volunteer year or our studies at a pre-military academy.
We are turning to you: Maayan’s friends, acquaintances and loved ones, those who cherish her memory, the generations of the extended Boyar family, and anyone who has been moved by this story, to follow the attached link, read about Maayan and our plans to commemorate her, and join us in realizing them.
Thank you very much,
The students of the 51st cohort
The Boyar School”

In order to advance their initiative, the students have opened a special fundraising campaign on the jgive site:

If possible, please attach the clip in the following link: