Leading Change via Action
May 27, 2021
November 11, 2022

A crowdfunding campaign is being launched in order to renovate the school and residence. Together, we can build the next generation of excellence

In the coming days, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign in order to renovate the school and residence.

For over 50 years, the Boyar high school and residence have been changing the lives of youth from the social and geographic periphery, equipping them with the best possible tool box to cope with future challenges.

At Boyar, innovative teaching methods are developed; pioneering social initiatives are operated; creativity, social activism, and leadership are encouraged; and excellence is the word of the hour.

We can state with absolute confidence that, at Boyar, we precede the future in every possible way, however, unfortunately, this can not be said about the campus' physical structures. In this respect, time has stopped: the same classrooms built in the 60s, the same resources, and almost the same spaces.

In order to continue the success story of Boyar's scholastic, social, and moral excellence, we need your help.

The campaign is taking place on the Charidy platform. You can read and donate here >> 

We invite you to join us in launching the campaign on 8.11.22 at 20:00, on Zoom, moderated by Shimon Parnas, a graduate of Boyar's 9th cohort. Please sign up here >> 

Together, we can build the future and continue to lead Boyar to excellence, honoring the past while looking forward.