Our Mission

The Society for Advancement of Education (SAE)
is a non-profit organization which uses education to empower
youth from disadvantaged communities in Israel to attain distinction in all their social,
educational, and leadership endeavors.

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News & Updates

November 17, 2019

Education 3.0 – Innovation and Challenges in Israeli Education

Experts on education and social issues from Israel and the U.S took part in the symposium led by the SAE at the Federation of N.Y
October 28, 2019

Director General of the Ministry of Education visits SAE

Shmuel Abuav: "There are successful models (at SAE) that can make an impact at the national level"
April 7, 2019

For the first time in Israel: secular educational track for girls

INBAR will enable girls to reach their full potential, to succeed and excel academically, socially and morally
April 7, 2019

from Buber to Google

SAE Educational Staff Celebrates 2019-20 School Year Opening with Fascinating Day of Learning

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