The K.A.N. Pluralistic High School (Kfar Adumim, Alon, Nofei Prat)

In a biblical landscape on the edge of the desert, there is a high school whose mandate is to serve all sectors of Jewish society, encouraging encounters between a variety of people and diverse sources, creating complex discourse and in-depth learning, and instilling the values of social responsibility, involvement, and initiative in its students.

The K.A.N. Pluralistic High School (Kfar Adumim, Alon, Nofei Prat) operates on the belief that coexistence, which fosters interaction and conversation among a broad spectrum of Jewish identities, is not only possible, but is the correct and most desirable model for Israeli society.

The school supports dialogue, in encounters between different people from a variety of identities, leading to meaningful and substantive learning that acknowledges multiplicity, encourages asking questions and research, and deepening understanding, through which students are able to shape their identities.

At the K.A.N. High School, study alone is not enough.

There is a call to action, based on the belief that careful learning of Jewish sources and values with their diverse perspectives, will inspire us to be better people, engage in tikkun olam (fixing the world), and to become involved and take responsibility in society at large.

Established in 2014 by the Society for Advancement of Education, K.A.N. High School is supervised within Israel's national secular education system, in the integrative track, with students in grades 9–12.

At K.A.N., We Study

“A person learns only in a place that their heart choses.” (Babylonian Talmud, 77, 19 71)

At the high school, we emphasize proactive independent study that allows creative freedom, in-depth understanding, and application. We encourage study that develops and encourages curiosity to explore and learn, alone and in groups.

The school’s curriculum aims towards breadth of knowledge that combines the richness inherent in various Israeli and Jewish sources on subjects from the Bible to contemporary creativity, with their integration into general subjects.

Students are encouraged to ask questions, do research, and study in small groups to listen and explore topics in-depth. Elective and enrichment studies combine different subjects in a variety of fields through educational field trips.

The hikes bring students closer to nature and the country and highlight the relationships between the individual and the community, involvement and initiative, volunteering and personal responsibility.

This discourse fosters learning and leads to action.

This approach – dialogue, study and action – incorporates different aspects, experience, encounter, study and work.

High-quality in-depth learning begins with encounters (with people, sources and different situations) that raise questions and prompts discussion that helps students improve their ability to articulate a point of view.

By encouraging investigative study, both individually and as part of a group, students learn to appreciate the impact of their attitudes and the significance of their actions.

Group study is an inherent part of the school’s outlook, in which students take personal responsibility for their learning, and every person has opportunities to speak out and listen intently to the other voices.

Each individual within the group has a role and group study facilitates meaningful interaction between the youth, teaching about teamwork.

At K.A.N, You Are Seen

One of the first things that K.A.N. students point out about the school is that they are seen and they receive personal attention.
The school views each student as an entire world that is unique, special and rich.

The school believes in helping students develop their own world and enabling them to identify their interests, strengths and difficulties while empowering them, to push them forward and help them integrate into a group to which they give and from which they receive.

For this reason, staff members come with an open mind and truly see each student from the place he or she wishes to express themselves. The teachers create constructive dialogue without judgement and show a willingness to accept and listen to each person, whoever they may be.

No student will “fall between the cracks.” Our high school is like a family. Everyone is acknowledged, students and staff pass by one another with a smile, show support, ask how they are feeling, and give a hug that contains acceptance and love, but that also sets necessary boundaries.

The school also believes in helping each and every student realize their abilities and advancing them towards scholastic, ethical, and social excellence.

The K.A.N. Pluralistic High School

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